Never hold, drop, lose, reach or search for your cutting tool

A Revolution in Cutting Tools

The JACS FingerBlade is a NEW cutting tool, that fits on the users finger.  It is utilized to open all sorts of boxes, packages, shipments, as well as cut materials such as poly, plastic, paper, foam, fabrics, rubber, string, tapes, twine, strapping, cardboard and more depending on the material and thickness.  It's unique patented design and functionality provides a whole different experience and level of safety, when it comes to utilizing a cutting tool.  Whether it be in the workplace, home or outdoors, the JACS FingerBlade is a handy tool to have around.



The Finger Fitting Cutting Tool!

The JACS FingerBlade brings a new level of efficiency and productivity.  Save on down time and get more done not having to constantly put down, pick up or search for your cutting tool.  Not dropping while in use, or leaving behind for others to find are great benefits as well.

In addition to natural up and down movement of the wrist, with 3 blade depth setting, the FingerBlade is great for all sorts of jobs and helps reduce the chances of injury.  Please keep scrolling down to see additional features and benefits.  

JACS FingerBlade® - Patents Pending



See the JACS FingerBlade in a workplace setting!

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Lots of Great Features & Benefits

  • Increase efficiency and productivity 
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Quick release auto retracting blade
  • 3 adjustable blade depth settings 
  • Attach direct to finger or optionally with comfort sleeve or glove
  • Move items and preform other tasks without putting your cutting tool down
  • Ambidextrous, can be utilized on right or left hand
  • Never drop your cutting tool while in use  
  • No tool blade change
  • Save on down time
  • One size fits most


Easy to Use and Always Handy

With 3 blade depth settings, the JACS FingerBlade is great for all sorts of jobs.

  • The first setting is ideal for opening boxes/packages of apparel, grocery, produce, bladders, and much more to help reduce the chances of damaging your valuable product.
  • The second setting is ideal for opening boxes/packages or cutting materials such as plastics, tapes, papers, foam, rubber and more depending on the material & thickness.
  • The third setting is great for cutting some cardboards, string, twine, plastic, straps and other uses depending on the material & thickness.

Who uses the JACS FingerBlade!

  • Shippers & Receivers 
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Inspection/sorting facilities
  • Grocery & Supermarkets
  • Merchandisers & Reset Teams
  • Restaurants & Kitchens 
  • Big Box Stores
  • De-Pack facilities 
  • Trades Workers
  • Contractors & Builders
  • Renovation companies  
  • Painters
  • Installers 
  • Landscapers 
  • Farms, Ranches & Stables 
  • Vehicle Wrappers & Detailers
  • Delivery Companies 
  • Moving Companies
  • Homeowners and Renters
  • Artists, Makers & Crafters
  • Hikers, Bikers & Fishers
  • Campers & Travelers
  • Businesses of all sizes
  • And More!
FingerBlade Auto wrap and tinting
FingerBlade Shipping & Receiving
FingerBlade Restocking & Merchandising
FingerBlade Distribution Centers
FingerBladeFabrics and light textiles
FingerBladeBubble Wrap
FingerBladeSupermarket Restocking


Never hold, drop, lose, reach or search for your cutting tool

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